Math You Don't Know, and Math You Didn't Know You Didn't Know.
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Jim Loy's Mathematics Page is (among other things) a collection of interesting theorems (like Napoleon's Triangle theorem), thoughtful discussions of both simple and complex math, and geometric constructions (my personal favorite); the latter of which contains surprisingly-complex discussions on the trisection of angles, or the drawing of regular pentagons.

Similarly enthralling are the pages on Billiards (and the physics of), Astronomy (and the savants of), and Physics (and the Phlogiston Theory of), all of which are rife with illustrations and diagrams. See the homepage for much more.

If you like your geometric constructions big, try Zef Damen's Crop Circle Reconstructions.
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... from the "I can't believe it's not a double post" department. Apologies if my search skillz are just... not good.
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Really cool odinsdream, this is just the kind of thing I've been looking for; now to get to work...
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Pages like this make homeschooling so much easier. Thanks!
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Graphics and animation are so incredibly useful in teaching mathematics that I wonder why they are not more pervasive in classrooms. I remember being enthralled by a show on public television which featured simple animated proofs of classical geometric theorems. Also, seeing animated equation manipulation can be really helpful for teaching algebra.
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An old tagline....WWJLD? (What would Jim Loy do?)
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i picked the golden rectangle in both cases and i have no idea why. it just looks better.
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"and the geek shall rule the earth"

For comparitively dry subject matter, it's explained in a clear, concise and actually interesting way - mad props to Jim Loy!
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