San Francisco in Film Noir
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San Francisco in Film Noir. Conversation with Nathaniel Rich, associate editor of the Paris Review and author of San Francisco Noir.
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matteo-Thanks for the link, the first link to the interview is quite good. I can't believe how young the guy looks.

I liked this from the interview:
For some of the more obscure films I relied on an excellent nonprofit group called the Danger and Despair Knitting Circle which is a group of mostly film collectors and noir addicts and experts who are based in San Francisco. Their goal is to create virtually a comprehensive library of all of noir, and they have something like 800 titles and they made a bunch of them available, including films like Treasure of Monte Cristo, Chinatown at Midnight, No Escape, which you can't find anywhere else, as far as I know. Many of these films are very cheap productions, Poverty Row productions, and are often very silly and strange, but are also extremely interesting and funny, especially Chinatown at Midnight with an actor named Hurd Hatfield who some consider to be the worst actor of all time, which maybe makes him one of the best. I don't know. But it was through them that I got to see a lot of these films, and that was exciting. Anyone can go to their website and order from them, as well.

I love the name of that film society, and their website looks like a great resource.
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This is all new to me. Thanks for the links, matteo.
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FWIW, the 2006 Noir City Festival is coming up soon!

I know the girl whose picture that is on the poster - her blog entry about being chosen to be on the poster is titled, "Yes, they are my real breasts..."
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Wow, this is an unexpected blast from the past! I'll enjoy reading this, thanks.
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