WEFUNK so you don't have to
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WeFunkRadio.com has 390 full shows available for download featuring the funk, underground hip-hop, and rare grooves that are so hard to find. BitTorrents are available for the two most recent shows and there's always the audio stream and podcasts coming at you fresh from Montréal's CKUT radio.
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Full disclosure: I don't know these guys but I've enjoyed their music before at Blizzarts and driving home on Friday nights. I came across their stream entirely by chance in Winamp. This is the stuff I've been partying to for the past five or six years. I hope you like it too.
posted by furtive at 10:45 PM on September 16, 2005

Yeah, son!

I've been listening to this through iTunes (5.0- go Radio->Urban). It's really good stuff.
posted by greasy_skillet at 11:21 PM on September 16, 2005

same here... listen to this on a daily basis at work with iTunes. Love the ability to download the shows. Get yo Funk on.
posted by tu11ym0n at 12:36 AM on September 17, 2005

WeFunk is by far the best online radio going. You can get a full education in breaks on it.
posted by sonofsamiam at 12:42 AM on September 17, 2005

Yeah, I've been listening to WeFunk for years now - I can't get over what an incredible radio program it is - definitely introduced me to all sorts of new and old artists.

CKUT was even featured on the Montreal episode of Dave Attell's Insomniac.
posted by wfrgms at 1:08 AM on September 17, 2005

YES!! Thank you, will use often. Very exciting.
posted by ReggieNoble2 at 2:27 AM on September 17, 2005

Excellent. Thanks furtive!
posted by edverb at 8:54 AM on September 17, 2005

I third that. Thanks furtive! I can't stop movin'.
posted by IndpMed at 9:58 AM on September 17, 2005

This is breaktastic, thanks furtive.
posted by fingerbang at 10:35 AM on September 17, 2005

WeFunk has literally doubled my productivity at work, especially when I'm doing mindless tasks. I used to get easily distracted and thus take frequent breaks and not get a lot of work done. But once I start listening to music - any music, but WeFunk is by far my favourite - I just start grooving and I don't get distracted.

I seriously listen to it all day every day. it's that good.
posted by PercussivePaul at 11:23 AM on September 17, 2005

Awesome link. Thank you so much!
posted by biscotti at 11:30 AM on September 17, 2005

A cancer has been unleashed up American Society, in the form of what some people call entertainment, and it is destroying the youth culture. The cancer that I am talking about is called RAP MUSIC. It is shocking lyrics performed by thugs, gangsters, thieves, junkies, dopers, dope pushers, perverts, cop killers and baby killers. ..

So's rock and roll and country music. That why we like 'em, pointy-head.
posted by jonmc at 4:01 PM on September 17, 2005

This post touched on the wonderful resource that is Triple J.
If you like the WeFunkRadio you may also enjoy Triple J's Groove Train stream (real/wma).
The full list of Triple J streamable programs is here.
posted by fullysic at 4:11 PM on September 17, 2005

YES! I found WeFunk after hearing the fantastic "Victory Strut" old 70's single by J Hines and the Fellows via the now defunct -or shall I say de funked - Radio Sharpeworld -a side project of the awesome cyber oddity maven Jennifer Sharpe ...so about that song ....( If you like the bitchy reverb twang of a fender guitar over fantastic soul rythm section & horns this is for you) .. a very lofi
clip of it here, the also very cool Funk 45
then I tracked it down and found the whole version at We Funk. The Internet is still cool daddy O
posted by celerystick at 10:10 PM on September 17, 2005

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