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A Healthy Heart [possibly slightly NSFW intro] A slick Flash interface with 3D navigation controls, zoomable graphics, video segments, interactive models. From Anatomical Travelogue.
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Too complicated and non-linear with what we tell consumers about their hearts. Or too complicated than the "average joe" can comprehend (and search for outside information that they can't gleam from from website).

I could be wrong, though.
posted by PurplePorpoise at 10:02 PM on September 19, 2005

Made my brain hurt.

Heart feels fine, though!
posted by qwip at 10:19 PM on September 19, 2005

PurplePorpoise, you can view it linearly using the 2nd tab up from the bottom. Information about the illustration is then given in the left-hand side tab along with the interactive models and video commentaries.
posted by tellurian at 10:40 PM on September 19, 2005

If that is NSFW then you must be Amish, and therefore without a computer.

I mean, really, how puritanical can people get?

"Our IT department reported you looking at a circulatory system fetish site in September. Clean your desk."
posted by sourwookie at 10:51 PM on September 19, 2005

I mean, really, how puritanical can people get?
In my experience. Very. I wanted to avoid a derailment.
posted by tellurian at 11:12 PM on September 19, 2005

I admire these Flash skills. And, honestly, inspired. Great find. Oh, and healthy hearts are cool too.
posted by adzm at 2:44 AM on September 20, 2005

I hate those 3D Flash navs (and I say this as a Flash coder) but other than that, a very nicely designed site. Tons of terrific content. Great find.
posted by gwint at 7:17 AM on September 20, 2005

This is awesome. Thanks!
posted by blendor at 10:37 PM on September 20, 2005

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