The Everyman Photo Contest 2005
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1. Take Pictures.
2. ????
3. Profit!
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The Everyman Photo Contest is an annual competition started in 2001, designed to encourage photography by amateurs. You can view all the submissions and winners from previous years, and enter to compete in this year's competition. The deadline for submissions is September 26.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 9:00 AM on September 21, 2005

just an aside, but do we need a MetaFark title filter?
posted by jsavimbi at 9:04 AM on September 21, 2005

Cool link. Thanks.

Off-topic, but I can't find info on this anywhere:

Where does the

1. Do something
2. ????
3. Profit!

meme come from? I've tried Googling, to no avail. Please, someone, tell me where this came from.
posted by jeff-o-matic at 9:04 AM on September 21, 2005

I've seen it on /. mostly. Dont know if thats where it started however.
posted by SirOmega at 9:06 AM on September 21, 2005

South Park - Underpants Gnomes
posted by Balisong at 9:06 AM on September 21, 2005

jeff-o-matic - Underpants Gnomes, South Park. When I first saw that episode, I thought they were riding on the joke themselves; turns out they were the origin.
posted by brownpau at 9:06 AM on September 21, 2005

Thank you all, sorry for the derail.
posted by jeff-o-matic at 9:08 AM on September 21, 2005

posted by Balisong at 9:08 AM on September 21, 2005

Cool idea. Thanks for the link.
posted by teece at 9:09 AM on September 21, 2005

This bit makes the whole site worthwhile. Cool stuff.
posted by gurple at 9:12 AM on September 21, 2005

I thought this might be a scam to get people to give away their rights to their photographs (particularly since 'amateur' is misspelled in the page's title). But then I saw the closing statement:
Note: By entering a photo to the Everyman Contest, you give the contest's sponsor, Troy DeArmitt, permission to post the submission on his website at the contest's conclusion or hang your photo in his home. He will satisfy any matting or framing requirements he deems appropriate in this presentation.
That's really very nice. Sounds like a cool guy.
posted by Malor at 9:20 AM on September 21, 2005

have i mentioned yet that it doesn't cost anything to enter.

or that if your photo finishes in the top three of any of the categories you win cool, hard, american lucre.

A cool idea, but this reads a bit like a Nigerian email.
posted by OmieWise at 9:28 AM on September 21, 2005

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