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Vinyl Sharity There's a lot of exotic*, odd†, thrilling‡, and strangely catchy° music out there on the net. Through Weirdo Music and Record Brother, I've begun to touch the tip... And while there's a fairly proscribed etiquette regarding the sharity sites (limited time for downloads, out-of-print only, desisting when asked), I find that Free Albums and Strange Reaction have put me off of buying new RIAA albums more than Napster or Kazaa ever did. (Well, there is Regnyouth, but the downloading is such a pain in the ass for most of it that I only ever really bother with things that I own on a format that I can't convert like cassette, or that I listen to once and delete, like Interpol). But where do you go for weirdo music? Anything you've found in digging through these sites that's struck your fancy? (And if you have sharities to, well, share: You Send It, Rapidshare and MegaUpload are pretty much the gold standard.) *From BellybongoFrom WMFrom Basic Hip °From Comfort Stand
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Honestly, I don't know where you got this weird taste in music. But, in the spirit of sharing...much of this has been posted before (not yours, the links I am about to share) so pardon me if you've been there. 365DayProject is still on the Ubuweb, which has many other one-off and rare mp3s available. Ubuweb recently said they were shuttin' 'er down, but that the MP3s would be available at WFMU. With a bit of encouragement, Ubuweb is back up & running. Yay!

Vicki Bennett's People Like Us (PLU) shows that the spirit of Oswald's Plunderphonics is alive and well (though her website design skills are somewhat lacking).

Improbable Music
(which also has ties to plunderphonics) is another fine site for, well, improbable music.
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Been a record junkie since childhood! (My own somewhat neglected mp3 blog is called Flea Market Vinyl.) An incredible encyclopedic list of mp3 blogs of all sorts (many audio artifacts & ephemera among them) is posted here at The Tofu Hut.
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I think by "strangely catchy" you mean crappy.
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forksclovetofu and his TofuHut are a gem of a resource. Indeed.
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this is great.
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