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Reporters Without Borders releases a free handbook for would-be bloggers and cyber-dissidents in censor-happy lands. It features tips on blogging anonymously, ways to get around censorship and to ensure your e-mail privacy, and hosts an Internet-censor World Championship list (which lists China, Vietnam, and Tunisia, among others) as well. Download the guide here. (PDF)
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I read a post from Harvard's Berkman Center about this this morning...they linked to a pretty nice review of the handbook from two of their fellows (Rebecca MacKinnon and Ethan Zuckerman)...which also gives a really good overview of the handbook (in case you're wary of downloading it)...
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Great post, thanks! I've reposted the link elsewhere, this is a good one to share around.
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"How to blog anonymously"
"Technical ways to get around censorship"

If I didn't know any better i'd thnik this pamphlet was put out by Loopmanics.
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I tried to download the pdf, but the url is blocked by my Chinese ISP.
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The fact that my workplace just put in a draconian block system (Crappy Websense) today makes this post rather timely, thanks.
posted by Vaska at 12:29 PM on September 22, 2005

Very nice read.
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This would be really good if I could get to it from inside China.
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Those of you within China, go download and install TOR. It's cross platform, free as in BSD and invaluable for skirting the censors here. After installation and configuration you can visit BBC news, or any blocked site, anytime. It does slow things down a bit so I only use it when I need to. In OS X I've got a network location set up with the proper proxy settings so I can quickly (via the apple menu) switch between normal and anonymous internet use. I'm sure it's just as easy on other platforms. This isn't the only solution, but I feel it's the best.
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