November 29, 2000 5:42 PM   Subscribe is using a dirty way to draw traffic to their site. Do your part and send a nasty email to the "CEO" of
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posted by Hackworth at 6:40 PM on November 29, 2000

you mean i don't have a secret admirer?

just kidding. heh.
posted by sugarfish at 7:21 PM on November 29, 2000

I'm you secret admirer, sugarfish.
...well, I was, anyway. Now that you know, I'll have to stop... as far as you know.
posted by dogwelder at 8:14 PM on November 29, 2000

There's nothing to make you look askance at a "secret admirer" email like receiving one from a distribution list you're on.
posted by grimmelm at 10:43 PM on November 29, 2000

Talking of which, does anyone know any way to get back at the wankers who send ten or twenty emails to my hotmail account every month offering to sell me a bogus degree from a bogus college in California or somewhere?
posted by Mocata at 6:46 AM on November 30, 2000

Yeah, just open a, uh, Hotmail account so that spam. . . oh skip it.
posted by rodii at 7:49 AM on November 30, 2000

Or... you can just do what my friend Ken did:
Give the CEO a taste of his own medicine.

(Oh yeah, and register him for Always tactful.)
posted by littleyellowdifferent at 1:51 PM on November 30, 2000

posted by mathowie at 11:08 AM on January 31, 2001

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