War profiteering from the comfort of your own home
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Own 100,000,000 little pieces of Iraq. Or just one very special 500 dinar note from this guy.

*Hand on Heart* I have made many great friends (Mimi, Khalid, Naif, Colby... and about 900 others here at eBay alone) through doing this and hopefully we can realize some fruit from our collective efforts in the future :-)
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Maybe this guy should get together with Bush's iraqpartnership.org team?
posted by Rothko at 7:07 PM on September 25, 2005

Long or short, thick or thin, Vaseline will get it in.
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Jesus christ.

This dosn't seem shady at all, nope.

Buy Now! As the exchange rate returns to pre embargo time (1990), this could be worth over 300 Million U.S. dollars...

Yeah right. Does currency ever deflate like that? The only way that could happen is if the USD inflated like a motherfucker for a couple decades.
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I wonder how much money I could get for 1 pound "mixed bag" of US paper currency.
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I'm not vouching for this seller in particular, but this, the trading of Iraqi Dinars isn't really shady stuff. Risky, hell yes, but not really shady. Wired article.
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The Iraqi Dinar was worth $3 US before the war.
Soon after the fall of Bagdad, the Dinar was worth about $.000127, but that was inflated to look better than it actually was.

I kept saying to my Neo-con friends that if they really supported the war, they would buy Dinars. The CPA 'tied' the value of the dinar to the dollar... whatever that means...

I haven't bought Dinars, but I'm sure somebody's getting rich.
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ATM, 1 USD = 1471 IQD
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Hmm ... other than going to Iraq, how can one exchange for Dinars?
posted by kafziel at 10:24 PM on September 25, 2005

If anything, people should buy Renminbi. It's stable, for one, and secondly, it's just a matter of time before it's revalued and not kept so artificially low.
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kafziel, google buy Iraqi Dinar.

I'll give them one thing.. If I would have bought it when I said to buy, and procured a million Dinars for the $435 or so, I could probably take my wife out to a nice dinner with the profit by now.
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I bought some of the Saddam bills on eBay once upon a time ago when we were still invading. The money was actually pretty crappy. Cheap paper and cheap printing. It didn't even feel like money.

OTOH, the seller was in Jordan so the stamps and postmark were really interesting.
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This reminds me of ZeFrank's spoof.
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ahem.. Spoof being here.
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For smaller quantities, there's always Bet On Iraq.

They'd make good bookmarks (the dead tree variety) if nothing else... or you could give your friends a shitload of dinars at Christmas (or Ramadan) and they'll really thank you if it goes up.

And if it doesn't, well... keep some in the bathroom, just in case!
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