Sites in Somalia
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"Why did you bring a white man here?" one of them demands from Duguf, my interpreter. While I continue to videotape, Duguf taps me on the shoulder and nods toward the truck. We make haste just as fingers begin to point and voices grow louder and angrier. Kevin Sites, previously discussed here, here, and here, submits his first report for Yahoo.
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Very interesting!... as you'd expect, much of the action is going down in the comment section (scroll down). Most comments seem to ding sites for being biased... I'm undecided... though I find the general argument of "who shot down the helicopter?" to be convincingly logical... if that makes sense ;-)
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It's unfortunate that like anywhere, those most likely to journey there are people who most likely have the best intentions, yet bear the brunt of the sins of their compatriots.
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I hope Sites does better than this, or that this is merely an introductory piece. The fear some have had of his Yahoo partnership is that its the-world-in-a-year schedule will lead to drive-by journalism.

The BHD movie could have done much better in terms of reflecting the population as people. The book (which was written by a journalist, who had investigated the battle for the Philadelphia Inquirer) had many interviews with Somalis.
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