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The Island of Misfit Games features treasures such as Tower of Babylon, "a baffling high speed game composed of 120 hand painted (3 segments on each piece) tongue depressors.", Quackshot, "the most violent children's game ever created," and Grade Up to Elite Cow, a "game about bull semen." When I was a kid, my favorite was "Voice of the Mummy," which featured a little record player embedded in the board.
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Pain Doctors looked pretty interesting. There's something sort of warm-summer-day-drinks-on-the-lawn-anyone-for-badminton? about the phrase "Recreational Surgery", isn't there.

...but maybe that's just me. The cards are funny.
Not touching the bull-semen game though. ick.
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"Grade Up To Elite Cow" needs to become the next "All Your Base Are Belong To Us."

C'mon, Internerd, do your magic stuff.
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I'm surprised Suppenkasper isn't on the list -- German, 1987, a trick-making game revolving around food, in which the winner of each hand is the person closest to their ideal weight when one of the players explodes from over-eating or dies of anorexia. Includes cards for laxatives and, as I recall, bulimia. Not a joke, not the kind of gross-out humour you'd expect (just rather, uh, German) and actually very playable.
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Ok, Bowling for Bunnies is my favorite just because it is. Some of these games are crazy! I mean, c'mon, a game of "recreational surgery?"
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Come on kids! It's time to play "Capital Punishment"!

Oh Dad, do we have to? I'm sick of getting electrocuted, Billy always gets the gas chamber.

Now Alice, there is plenty of punishment for everyone. Who wants to be the Kidnapping-Rapist-Murderer?
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