How would this work with the pron?
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Dermal Displays
Building on a Robert A. Frietas theory (4th paragraph down) from his book, Nanomedicines, Vol 1: Basic Capabilities, a 6 cm x 5 cm programmable display embedded into your skin made up of 3 billion display pixel nanorobots could be used to monitor and direct medical nanobots within your body.
Nanogirl has recently completed work on a three minute animation of the concept, available in both QT (8.1 megs) or WMV (10.4 megs).
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That raises interesting possibilities. I might want to use my skin to display a picture of the body of a man who's actually in good shape.
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Erection and "happy finish" control?
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Finally my other hand will have something to do while I watch porn.
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lifetime orgasm count:1700

these nanobots, they vibrate?
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is it just me or is this about the most boring way to use technology like this, how bout moving tattoo's, portable tv, internet browser. imagine all the fun people will have writing virus software for the "2030xp" version of windows crappy nanobot version of windows. it would be a million times worse than waking up from a drunken part with "tool" or "i suck cock" written on your forehead. as now it would be scrolling across your forehead in blinking red letters. mo' nanobots mo' problems.
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and in the future nanobots will help me spell correctly. windows = microsoft, part = party. sheesh.
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Can I IRC from it?
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I'd just like to state for the record that for most people doing rather than just talking about nano in a sad, masturbatory, geeklike frenzy, Frietas and the foresight institute are full of hot, science-fiction air.

The stuff described in the book is NONSENSE, not based on any reasonable extrapolation of basic science that exists today.

Read Greg Egan or some other scifi that actually calls itself as such. To claim this stuff is science is absurd.
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