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BibliOdyssey is a new and spectacular compendium of the printed image. From detailed posts on Rare Books of the Japanese Diet Library to a look at some strange illustrations for The Master and the Margarita, the site has a broad range and an eclectic composition authorized by the quality of the posts. Other highlights include Micrographia, a mysterious Astronomické České, the prints of Jacques Callot, and images from Sydney Parkinson's journal of his explorations of New Zealand and Australia. Be sure to look through the archives.
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I'm so in love with BibliOdyssey. Every time I visit I can't decide which thing to explore first, and I'm glad you linked to it. First rate. And it's peacay's.
posted by iconomy at 8:23 AM on September 30, 2005

Woot, peacay! There goes the weekend! Thanks, OmieWise.
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Ok, looked at half the links. Must pause to say: this is great.
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Agreed: I've been an avid reader there almost since day one, and have been continually (pleasantly) surprised at how much fascinating stuff peacay has brought to light in such a short time.
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peacay has been sending me first-rate map links for some time; he keeps stumbling across them in his searches for the above. I'm delighted to see that his own project is going over well. Best of luck to him, and -- as I often write when giving credit to posts -- thanks again to peacay.
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wow. No wonder peacay and I get along so well. subscribed!
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Yeah, peacay and his site are top-drawer. I'm amazed it hasn't been linked before; good post!

The Master and the Margarita? Boy, that gives a whole new image of the decadence that overcomes Moscow...
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More kudos to add to the above, really good stuff.
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I'm amazed it hasn't been linked before

It's less than three weeks old.
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Well thanks guys & OmieWise. Glad you like it. Just out of interest because I guess it doesn't happen too often and Matt doesn't that I recall, talk a heap about traffic, in the 12 hours from when it was posted, there were about 800 unique (every one of you is special) visitors. Hm. Interesting.
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Spectacular! Thank you x1000! Words fail me--a rare and welcome event. This will keep me off the streets and away from productive activity for a while.... mefi is such a class act.
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This is brilliant - there are some beautiful manuscripts in there. I really liked the illustrations from Hooke's Micrographia in particular. Thank you Peacay and Omiewise.
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