The art of Maggie Taylor
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Using found objects, a flatbed scanner, and an Iris printer, Maggie Taylor creates images that are described as haunting, surreal, whimsical, and beautiful.
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These are great. Thanks for the link.
posted by Staggering Jack at 9:17 PM on September 30, 2005

Really nice images, doc. Thanks.

By the way, one thing that hardly anyone knows is that the primary guy who adapted the Iris printer for fine-arts work was Graham Nash. Yes, that Graham Nash.
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Amazing. Great find, thanks.
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These are beautiful and fascinating, some are very Dali-esque.

And excellent addition, digaman.
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Cool stuff, great links. Thanks.
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Wow, amazing stuff, thanks man.
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Great find, docpops!
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Not to take anything away from Taylor's art, I am glad to see that someone added a tag for photoshop, cuz one could have found art, a flatbed scanner and access to an Iris printer and never come up with these prints. Taylor gave a photoshop workshop here this summer, at a seminar sponsored annually by Thomas Knoll, who, along with his brother, created Photoshop.

I was much more interested in the artist Maggie Taylor dragged along with her, the photographer Jerry Uelsmann, who creates his assemblages in the camera and in the darkroom. Oh, and Taylor & Uelsmann are married to each other.

Not saying one is better than the other, just saying I appreciate Uelsmann more.
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I like the images too. Is this what they call a Dada-base?
nyuk nyuk
not being up on my art-school, immediately brings me to mind the aesthetic employed by indie musician Mark Linkous (Sparkelhorse)
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When I first read the FPP, I thought of this.

Then I was reading the FPP about God as an attempt to explain order and ran across the same artist again, which ties back nicely to the "God" post.

There's some curious syncronicity going on here... and also some excellent posts.
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...Can't help but say, she owes a debt of influence to Terry Gilliam.

Thanks for the Uelsmann link, too: that stuff is amazing as well. And they're married? Interesting household.
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delightful, thank you! I had always heard that Jerry Uelsmann's wife was a neat artist, but I had never seen her work before. thanks!
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That last image, the "Girl in a Bee Dress", resembles an image from the title sequence of the new TV show "Ghost Whisperer"
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This is lovely, docpops, thanks!
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