Why Skype-eBay was the Worst Kept Secret On Wall Street.
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Why Skype-eBay was the Worst Kept Secret On Wall Street. The traders on Wall Street knew way before the “tech crowd” that the acquisition was a foregone conclusion by Thursday closing. The leak might have come from a cabbie in New York who overheard the eBay Executives. And you thought they didn’t understand english….
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ah, the privelege of being the first to say "great post! long may it take up space!"
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Experience talking: "Ignoring the cabbie" is right up there with "picking an incredibly obvious project code name" and "going through labeled, uncoded work files in the airport" on the Stupid Investment Banking Tricks Top 10. It's all part of being a self-absorbed yuppie prick.

When I was in the M&A game, the lack of discretion would drive me nuts -- we'd have a bunch of analysts cooped up in a hotel room on a "need-to-know" project and they'd leave all their work papers out when room service came in. I wondered just how lucrative being a bell boy could be...
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I always thought that the cabbie story was a nice excuse for a leak. It's a lot better excuse to say 'the cabbie must have heard it' than 'I only told my mom to buy 20,000 put options, I don't know how the story got out'.
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I'll grant that the timing wasn't was granular, but weren't we talking about this impending deal 2 or 3 weeks ago?.. along with Fark, Slashdot, Plastic, etc.?
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I submit that hearsay and rumour on a blog, whose source is an unsubstantiated post on a forum does not make a good post.
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M&A bankers communicate primarily through cabbies and bell boys. It may not be efficient, but that's how we yuppie pricks like to do things.
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I can sort of kind of understand the acquisition. But 4.1 billion???? You gotta be kidding me. I am wondering if Whitman is miss-calculating a few zeros here.. Like that Skype guy said in his forum.. .. it's a little free program for people to make phone calls... No wonder the stock will drop if the CEO can't even count zeros...
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It's not quite a free little program for people to make phone calls, though. Take a look at SkypeOut's overseas phone rates and compare them to your phone company's best discounted rates. At least here in Ontario, the difference is astounding. I was looking up prices for Colombia and it was over a dollar a minute on Bell, but less than 20 cents on SkypeOut. Long distance calling is a big money business, that's why you see so much advertising for it. I can't imagine why eBay wants to be in that business, exactly, but it's not without revenue potential.
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e-bay executives don't understand English?

That's really odd.
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I drive towncars for a living, handling a great deal of business people going to and from the Microsoft and Amazon headquarters. If I kept track of all the juicy discussions I've been privy too I'm sure it would make for a very interesting blog...

...and it'd probably get discovered and I'd be fired, which would then make for a very interesting book...
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Got any stock tips, bizwank? ;-)
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buy some!
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