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Revisiting Spore (audio interview with Will Wright) - also video of Will Wright talking at GDC on content creation issues (Scroll down, and registration required for the video).
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Yes, I am aware Spore has been posted of before. Also, these materials are not entirely new, but I only just discovered them.
posted by ginbiafra at 5:55 PM on October 3, 2005

the more people know of this the better. yay, spore!
posted by Miles Long at 6:09 PM on October 3, 2005

Great content, but I was disappointed having seen and heard these a few months ago. Not the posters fault; I guess I just can't wait for more Spore!
posted by TonyRobots at 6:17 PM on October 3, 2005

Anyone have a non-reg working link to the Spore demo?
posted by fleacircus at 6:35 PM on October 3, 2005

Part Two of the audio interview linked in the post.
posted by Jairus at 6:36 PM on October 3, 2005

fleacircus: you can enter anything at all into the reg crap. It doesn't actually do anything in terms of verification.

First Name: aslkjasklfj
Last Name: asdkjaslkj
Company: Coerced Gender Reassignment Surgery, Inc.

The above works, for instance.
posted by Ryvar at 7:47 PM on October 3, 2005

Hearing about this game, and seeing it demonstrated, has made me hate video games. i just don't give a fuck about a new Metal Gear Solid or a new what the fuck ever. Even the exemplary Half-Life 2 seems like, a tiny little ickle baby step down a deeply rutted path. Golly, games are becoming more like movies.

How many games do you know where you get to have a hand in actually designing not only a creature, but that creature's entire development, from cell to society to spacefaring culture to planet-tripping terraforming space race? seriously. Someone is imagining what video games could be, beyond movie licenses and comic book movie licenses. it'
posted by Miles Long at 8:27 PM on October 3, 2005

Miles, if you're looking for something quite new and different, look into Katamari Damacy. It's a cheapie little game, quite good, and almost certainly different than anything you've seen before. It has spawned a sequel, We Love Katamari.... of course. The sequel is probably better than the original, but I'd still suggest getting the first one first and then adding the second if you enjoy the gameplay.

The basic idea is that you're rolling everything you can up into a ball. As you roll around, if you run over something that's small enough, it will stick to your katamari. As you get bigger, you can roll up bigger and bigger stuff. and after a lot of rolling, you can get positively huge.

It's quite fun starting out on a wide, flat area with staples and thumbtacks on it, only to eventually realize, as you get bigger, that it's a table, and you're in a house. As you roll around and keep getting bigger, everything else shrinks. You may start out on the kitchen table, but eventually you may be able to roll up the entire house into your ball.

It's a strange-sounding game, but it's really very good. if you want something creative and fresh, definitely give it a try. It has a sense of fun that's so often missing these days.
posted by Malor at 11:37 PM on October 3, 2005

Hey, that's my email!
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