Kiwi ingenuity at work
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Time machine for sale. Not too novel, no, but the answers to the questions are great. "Its reassuring to me to know that it all works and i was on the right track. i alot of people thought i was dreamin, and said I was crazy and a dick head. the spatial retemporalizer was added after I sold it so can't help there."
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There's also a time machine upgrade kit available!
posted by crocos at 2:15 AM on October 4, 2005

Yeah, I bought this machine next month.It's great!
posted by salmacis at 2:38 AM on October 4, 2005

I still think this one's funnier, as far as time machine gags go.
posted by O9scar at 2:49 AM on October 4, 2005

Didn't I see this thing in Napolean Dynamite?
posted by nofundy at 4:48 AM on October 4, 2005

Its good to see the machine will allow you to charge time travel on all major credit cards using the strip reader and your PIN (in front), but it raises the question, "Will your account be in default if you travel more than 30 days into the future making your return impossible?"
posted by ElvisJesus at 5:06 AM on October 4, 2005

I love the current 300 TRILLION dollar bidding war going on. This guy's poor joke is now turining into a fake bid nightmare. He was probably looking to get some other guy's duct taped conglomeration with "anti-gravity machine" written on it in sharpie pen in trade.
posted by shmegegge at 6:45 AM on October 4, 2005

"Yeah, hold on... I forgot to put in the crystals."
posted by sian at 7:03 AM on October 4, 2005

Yeah, I bought this machine next month.It's great!

And I stole it from your basement 3 weeks later.

posted by CynicalKnight at 8:31 AM on October 4, 2005

I wonder if he'd take a transmogrifier instead?
posted by George_Spiggott at 8:33 AM on October 4, 2005

I tried trading in interocitor, no dice.
posted by dial-tone at 11:30 AM on October 4, 2005

Aww, we all heard about this already 20 years from now.
posted by Smedleyman at 11:39 AM on October 4, 2005

If you people don't lighten up, I'm just not going to go back and list the damned thing in the first place.

posted by FYKshun at 12:22 PM on October 4, 2005

From the comments in the link:

Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile. Would this machine be able to take me back in time so I could take State? posted by: nzjafa (1 ) 3:10 pm, Thu 29 Sep

Wanna buy some super strong plastic kitchen ware?
posted by nofundy at 12:16 PM on October 5, 2005

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