He took his mother to the ceremony...you know what that means
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It's celebrity award season. I'm curious as to who people think will get the next few. Personally, I'm going to go with Jagdish Bhagwati for Economics and Oxfam for Peace. I've got no clue on literature. Place your bets. Who are your hot picks?
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I'll go with Brownie getting the Congressional Medal of Freedom (after all, he did a heck of a job), and isn't Condi due for a medal? Has she gotten one yet?
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Yeah, I'm going to go with Kundera for the lit prize.

I haven't heard of most of the people up for it on that betting site, but Oates, to my mind, doesn't have a chance.

The recent temperament of the Nobel committee has shown a strong tendency toward awarding prizes to writers from extremely poor countries who write (nonetheless excellent) stories about the hardships of their people. cf. gabriel garcia marquez.
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My prediction? This will be the year that Jason Statham wins the award for Martial Arts and the advancement of Shaolin teachings. For far too long, the committee has let major Western advancements in hand-to-hand combat cinematography go unrecognized, constantly passing them over for their Asian counterparts.
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My prediction for the literature prize will be that it will be an author who is mostly obscure and whose work was only recently translated into English. There will be a run on his/her books at local books stores which won't have any copies in stock because their average customer doesn't read obscure books.

The quill awards will do poorly in the ratings, and hopefully Art Spiegelman won't win.
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Bono for the Peace Prize *ducks*
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Close but no call on the first. You win some, you lose some. Congrats to the IAEA for winning some.
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Joyce Carol Oates

God. Give it to whoever wrote "the hard drive is the new bling" while you're at it.
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