Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library image database
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30,000 photos in the online archive of the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library, a non-profit initiative from the University of Virginia, offering a large database of texts, audio, video, images, maps, bibliographies, journals, links and other resources for Himalayan studies.
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Note: the link is simply to the results of a search with no keywords or selection. You can pick individual collections (or photographers) from the image search page.

Another individual photo collection: Sera Monastery (start of project page here).
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Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-galunga
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Well, this link doesn't work for me. I guess the PRC has deemed it too dangerous for internal consumption. It wouldn't have a Chinese languague page by any chance, would it?
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expletive: yes, here you go, Chinese version. (You can select other languages from the home page, on the bottom right).
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Yeah, that's my point. I am currently in Beijing, so the presence of a Chinese language version explains why the great firewall is blocking it. The censors must deem it politically dangerous.

For instance, the BBC is blocked here, but not CNN. Guess which one has a Chinese service?
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Also, much to my annoyance, Blogger is banned.
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Heh, I walked past the closet where this server is yesterday. I took their class on Tibetan Buddhism, and it was pretty great. You can note that most of the pictures (~1/3) were taken by Germano, who spent a huge amount of time in Tibet just walking around and visiting monastaries. Some other cool stuff other than pictures of happy monks and tibetan children are the maps of cultural tibet and the various grammars. Its a pretty neat thing.
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