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Published a year ago, the Village Voice series "AIDS: The Agony of Africa" is an incredible, award-winning, multi-part series. Superb reporting, tight writing, wrenching emotions, factual gold mine, this series is a model for good journalism--and a klaxon-call warning about the wretched state of a continent.
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Someone mentioned in another thread the recent Harper's article, which is indeed excellent (and, of course, heartbreaking and infuriating--the minister of health of South Africa takes great pains to deny that the HIV virus causes AIDS). Here as well are some stats from October and November's Indexes. The last one chills me.

Price in Kenya of 100 units of nevirapine, a drug that prevents mother-to-child HIV transmission : $874

Price in Norway : $430

Ratio of deaths in Africa caused by AIDS to those caused by warfare: 19:1
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