December 1, 2000
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Whenever the facts and figures of the AIDS epidemic begin to blur together, it's the personal stories that clear my vision. In addition to the stories being told on {fray} and on various homepages today, you should also be sure to check out Positive Visions: "Essays about people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS." Some of the faces and stories in here are incredibly moving.
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The story at Semistatic today was a moving one.
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Here's another.
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And another.(view source)
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I really wanted to post a story on my about a friend of mine who passed away a few years back. I'm still not sure to this day about the details of his death. His family and obituary tell a different story. We were good friends through H.S. and lost touch after graduation. I lived on one end of the country and he had moved to the other.

I can remember sitting home one night, watching TV, only to see my friend on a national television commercial and about falling out of my chair. I called back home to some of our mutual friends to talk about what a star he had become. Around six months later, I received news from a friend that he had passed due to AIDS.
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i wanted to write about someone i knew, but ultimately decided not to post it because that story is not mine to tell. the rough cut is that i was about fifteen then and the letter i got said cancer and other reports just mentioned "a long illness" but i just happened to read the nytimes obit and it said AIDS and that knocked the wind out of me because we wouldn't have held it against him or acted differently, would we? and i realized that some would have and that upset me a lot more than even the inital word of his passing had.

today i ran some searches for his name and came across some lovely stories about him, the archives of an email list announcing his passing, some things he wrote -- seeing, this way, his panel for the AIDS quilt was especially rough.
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