Peak Oil movie
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Syriana is a new "peak oil" movie (following in the tradition of The Deal and Oil Storm). However unlike those movies it is a big budget Warner Brothers film, starring George Clooney. But perhaps even more interesting is the production company behind it called Participant Productions whose goal is to create films not just for passive entertainment but that inspire viewers to get involved in the issues.via The Oil Drum
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Doesn't look all that bad. I'll add it to my Netflix queue when it comes out on DVD.

As for the idea about films that get people involved. I dunno. It's so easy to lapse into propaganda, that makes me uneasy. Often there are fundamental, questionable assumptions made in such films, and not everyone realizes that.
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It's really more like Traffic. The same guy wrote both and is directing this one. Same general style with lots of different stories.

We'll see if it's actually a good movie. Maybe they'll use green filters this time.

(OT: There's a peak oil blog? That explains a lot.)
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"Netflix queue" - before it's even released?

Could one be more bourgeois?

Try this:

Decomissioned CIA Agent comments on the book - by a similar agent - that the film is based on.

Thank god the mass media is finally taking responsibility where the public...isn't.

We've got bills to pay, after all.

(Baudrillard is rolling in his grave - before the fact.)
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Is there a bittorrent yet?
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I'm glad the Fox movie had a happy ending. Good for them.
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The FX movie (Oil Storm, if you didn't hit the link) was really rather unfortunate. It's like a really shoddy Spielberg movie, in that things get pretty dark (hello, massive riots in the cities and people dying of frostbite because there's no heating oil) but everything returns to normal at the end, with America's supremacy assured once again.
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> Could one be more bourgeois?

Sure. One could use up some gasoline to drive all the way to a theater, and then pay $7+ only to sit through 15 minutes of irrelevant advertisements before the movie finally begins.

In fact, I might just do exactly that.

Maybe my blurry, early-morning eyes have misread this comment as a slam, but I still fail to see the point of it. What were you trying to achieve?
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Does this mean Hollywood starlets and B list rock stars will now have positions on the peak oil question? And tell People all about them?
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B list rock stars

What would Scott Stapp do?
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you know stuff like this happens every day...
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Participant Productions is also responsible for Good Night, and Good Luck, which opens this Friday.

(Saw it last night, by the way ... incredible.)
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It's so easy to lapse into propaganda, that makes me uneasy.

Rest easy, teece; it would only propaganda if a bunch of conservatives formed a production company, m'kay?
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"It would only be..." Damn, kinda takes all the wind out of my snark, dunnit?
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ZenMaster: I don't get your attempted snark. Are conservatives supposed to be famous for propaganda or something? More than, say, communists?

I'm waiting patiently for Current Account Deficit: The Movie.
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I confidently expect it to have the same sort of profound impact on the public conversation about energy that Traffic had on the war on drugs.
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