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Alice demo (Download, 78MB) has been released. Even if you're not big on video games you might want to give this one a try. *Requires a PC with 3D graphics accelerator and fast connection to download in sane amount of time.
posted by physics (9 comments total)
I just finished playing the demo and have to say Alice is definitely one game I will be picking up. Great art, story, and feel. Control is good and the dialog is acceptable. I'm still hoping for more fantasy/fairytale based games to show up with this being a great start.
posted by physics at 1:39 AM on December 2, 2000

It looks great, though compared to the disney movie version of the story, I'd deem this "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland."
posted by mathowie at 1:41 AM on December 2, 2000

With such a powerful engine, and such steep system requirements, I'd think they'd be able to make it look just a wee bit better.

I mean, graphics don't really matter, except that they are being pushed so hard by the developer. I really have to pass judgment on them.
posted by Ptrin at 5:51 AM on December 2, 2000

I have had this on pre-order since August. I have been searching for a demo. Why am I not surprised the good folks at MeFi would give me the hook-up.

posted by thc at 6:22 AM on December 2, 2000

I played the demo for an hour or so this morning. It's a rather entertaining 3d platform (for those interested).

Also, the system requirements are slightly inflated. I played it quite well on a K6-2 300 (req's say 400) with low resolution and low-detailed textures. Though I do have 128 megs of ram, which is higher than the req's.

I haven't played with the video settings much at all, it'll be interesting to see how much longer I can use this processor before I demote it to an abandonware box.
posted by cCranium at 10:18 AM on December 2, 2000

this demo is awesome. what a trippy game :)
posted by howa2396 at 2:15 PM on December 2, 2000

Damn, what have they done to Lewis Carroll's story? They took a tale of wonder and imagination, and turned it into... well, I don't know what in the world it is. And here I thought the Disney adaptation was lousy...

Also, why does the Snark look nothing like the Boojum?
posted by Aaaugh! at 4:21 PM on December 2, 2000

I don't know, but that Snark kicked my arse.... on two occasions. Yeah, I suck.

You're right though, this is definately not your mommy's Alice in Wonderland. Its much cooler. :)
posted by howa2396 at 10:29 PM on December 2, 2000

I got the impression (well, because it said so :-) from the Alice website that it was post-Through the Looking Glass. Unfortunately, the demo doesn't really delve into the backstory so much, but from what I gleamed, poor little Alice had one too many Eat Me treats and has gone slightly bonkers. The game is the quest to restore Wonderland and, I think, her sanity.

True, the original tale was about Alice growing up and taking on responsibility, but it's an interesting take on what happened afterwards.
posted by cCranium at 4:42 AM on December 3, 2000

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