the party party
October 14, 2005 7:02 AM   Subscribe hosts a set of mindblowingly amazing mixes using the recorded speech of American political figures -- mostly President Bush, but others, like Hilary Clinton and Gov. Schwarzenegger, both make appearances. It's a brilliant exercise in free speech, using the words of the administration against them, especially in the middle and later parts of Who's The Nigga? (Streaming m3u and downloadable mp3.) And did I mention it rocks? Because it rocks- after it breaks your head completely. You must listen to this.
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I hope this isn't a repost. I attempted to check -- it was on boingboing a while back. It's so awesome, even if it is a double.
posted by blacklite at 7:03 AM on October 14, 2005

I mean it's the goddamn president singing Sunday Bloody Sunday.
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This is funny
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(and yeah, it's goddamn hilarious.)
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Chris Morris' Bushwhacked.
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Oh, and his Bushwhacked 2.
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In Sunday Bloody Sunday, the website is ...
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"the party-party dot com"
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Amazing. And at least in the last link doesn't Bush sound so much more competent and decisive when his words are all scrunched together like that?
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I've been listening to the Sunday Bloody Sunday track since last year, though I can't remember where I found the link. I was blown away by the skill with which it was done - so happy to have found more by the same guy!
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Bad ass! Thanks!
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Let's roll!
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They use their words to dance around the issue, and their past.
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I was sure I got these from metafilter - where else would I have got them? but I also can't find the previous link, so maybe it was just a comment somewhere. It is well done stuff, though it's been around for a while now.
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Amazing stuff. Definitely a major bookmark opportunity.

Thanks and cheers!
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How the hell did they get Bush to sing "Imagine"? Flawless editing!
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Awesome, thanks. "Dick is a Killer" is surprisingly catchy, and the rhyming is hilarious.
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"Some asshole took a picture/ of Kate Moss doing lines/ Now she's being victimized/ For imaginary crimes"

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"Some asshole took a picture/ of Kate Moss ...

What's that from? Is there a new song? I couldn't find it...

Dick is a Killer is a classic
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It's in the song "White Lines", mrgrimm.
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For some reason I cannot download "dick is a killer" I've only gotten 588k of it, each download I get only a few hundred k.

But yeah, these are truly amazing. I have some new workout music :P
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ah, managed to get the whole thing, finaly.
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I'm now in a position to inform you that this is indeed good music to work out too.
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This is so incredibly cathartic. Listening to Dubya talk sets my teeth on edge -- just his speaking style and manner, never mind the crap he's saying -- but now I think he's my favorite new vocalist of 2005. "Who's The Nigga?" is just fabulous.

Thanks, blacklite; this made my month. Lets roll!
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Heh. This album shoulda been called "Dub Ya" or maybe:

"RX Gonna Dub Ya, Dubya (Dubya) -- The Party (Party) -- Dot Com"
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I also like the 21st Century Protest Song from the "other project."
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