Deafness in disguise
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Concealed hearing devices of the 19th and 20th centuries. Great images in this delightful exhibit of wacky yet charming devices like auricle headphones, dentaphones, concealed beard receptors, barrettes, jewelry, hats, and acoustic chairs.
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You are the MeFi magnet for the eclectically amusing & wacky. Long may you attract!
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Fascinating stuff.

Now I'm wondering if the artist at work who always wears an iPod is really listening to music or is hearing-impaired. (Or one is causing the other...)
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I well and truly need a bone conduction fan. If only because when someone asks me, I can say, "This? It's just my bone coduction fan. Now stop mumbling, whippersnapper!".

On the other hand, the combs and barrettes...those are truly the modern gal's solution to understanding today's badly spoken youth. I must have one! So thank you, dearest madame, for the as-always glorious post and for giving me yet more outmoded and hopelessly rare accessories to covet.
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This is a wonderful post; I love all of this. Thank you.
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What? Speak up!
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The King Goa chair (or a replica) was in the window of the hearing aid shop where I got my ears tested ten years ago.
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Stellar post.
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Great post, notice in all the medical and marketing material what's being emphasised, the reason for having a hearing aid: to hear the human voice. Hearing loss is very isolating, some say even more so than loss of sight. All the material shows or talks about people in social or business settings conversing with others. There might be one in there somewhere but I didn't spot anything referring to say, the sounds of nature, or even music although Bob Hope says something about people appreciating his 'radio shows' or 'moving pictures', heh.
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[this is good]
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I have to agree - quite fascinating reading, and an interesting glimpse at how quickly technology has progressed.
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Fabulous. Thank you.
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Wish it had browse mode.
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This makes me think that Spock might have been deaf.
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Thanks, mjjj! Delicious'd!
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Wonderful post. madamejujujive wins an uncountable number of internets.

I love the fans, and the little trumpets that today could be funky earrings.

But it looks like there were a lot more options for women than for men for this kind of thing. Is it because women get more ornaments and accessories or because more of them were losing their hearing? A combination of both? Or... something more sinister?
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This is amazing stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Interesting stuff, thanks for the post. There's some modern "disguises" (probably described better as fashion) for hearing aids as well.
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Foosnark, body aids are not particularly common these days, so it probably really is an iPod. ;)

StaggeringJack, you're right, it's interesting how the attitude has flipped 180° from most of these pictures. There are colored cases, colored earmolds, the clips you linked to, and the Stringy Thing (in girl and boy models) to keep the expensive electronics from falling off a kid's head.
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