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Music photography goodness - some UK-based photographers with plenty of image galleries of rock and pop bands: Peter Hill (also see his livejournal for more pics), Ami Barwell, Michael Williams, Scarlet Page, Graham Smith (on livejournal too), Emma Porter, and the already mentioned Andrew Kendall (lj). Also UrbanImage which licenses the work of several photographers and has sections on jazz, hip hop, grime, reggae, punk, etc. as well as travel photography and other cool stuff (free registration required to access single galleries and images).
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Don't forget Anton Corbijn. I first learned of him through Travis, though I learned he also shot this iconic photo of U2, among many other interesting shots. Unfortunately the gallery on his site isn't terribly extensive, but if someone else knows of another, I'd appreciate it.
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Few people know Anton's brother, Maarten Corbijn (a.k.a. Corbino) is also a photographer (more). Other Dutch talents: Lex van Rossen, Hester Doove, Kees Tabak, Roy Tee and Rob Verhorst.
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Well, if Scarlet Page is the Scarlet Page I'm thinking of, I applaud her for doing something with her life besides living off of what must be one substantial trust fund.
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I didn't know that and didn't even think of the name. Yes indeed turns out she is Jimmy Page's daughter. Lucky girl.

Thanks for the other links prolific and blendor. I was mostly just collecting a few of the younger, less famous photographers (well at least not as famous as Corbijn!) that have their stuff published in the UK music magazines.
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Collecting the links, that is... collecting the photographers would be a bit more complicated...
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