Cracking Films, Gromit!
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Aardman Animations Showreel featuring old commercials, new commercials, and shorts. Elsewhere: Creature Comforts (plus behind-the-scenes stuff). [via]
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Refreshingly unburnt.
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Thanks - the one of the Angry Kid playing spin the hammer was different.
posted by Staggering Jack at 4:31 PM on October 19, 2005

I remember Creature Comforts playing on Nickelodeon or some other network I watched a lot as a kid. The puma was, and still is, my favorite.
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Apparently Creature Comforts is to be remade for a US audience too "with coyotes and grizzly bears".
posted by NinjaPirate at 5:05 AM on October 20, 2005

Oh, weird. I just rented Creature Comforts last night from the library. My favorite was always the birds, when the two in the back notice the camera. I like the ads, but it's kind of strange since I don't know what most of the products are. Best one so far is the rice and lentils in the tent in the living room guy.
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