Pep Bonet: Faith in Chaos
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Faith in Chaos. Photojournalist Pep Bonet (previously mentioned in this excellent post) has won the 2005 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, a $30,000 prize, to support his project on post-war Sierra Leone. The W. Eugene Smith Grant was founded in 1976 to provide financial freedom to photojournalists working on long-term projects in the humane tradition of W. Eugene Smith. Past winners have included Stanley Greene, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Sebastiao Salgado, Eli Reed, Eugene Richards and Gideon Mendel. More inside.
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Bonet's work is here and here and here and here and here.

Other Bonet pictures can be found here
posted by matteo at 7:35 AM on October 21, 2005

re: Gideon Mendel. he is the South African master who gave us this Pietà (warning: exposure to this photograph may very well break your heart)
posted by matteo at 7:39 AM on October 21, 2005

and this image by Mendel is truly hammering
posted by matteo at 7:46 AM on October 21, 2005

Lovely link, Matteo, and nice subliminal Darren Aronofsky reference in the FPP.
posted by digaman at 9:28 AM on October 21, 2005

Let's not forget the master himself. Here's Gene Smith's Pieta

Being inspired by Smith's work is one of the big reasons I went into photojournalism, and spend 20 years as a photographer/photo editor. Thanks for the link.
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