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Metafilter pornolized. (via FARK)
posted by tamim (4 comments total)

Heh, you got snarfled by too. You can't link directly to the Pornolization of a website, it just takes you back to Sucks.
posted by pnevares at 5:12 AM on December 4, 2000

This is the worst implimentation of this sort of thing I've ever seen. It makes the text completely meaningless. It's only funny if the replacements keep the text readable. What's funny about a jumble to "bad words"?
posted by y6y6y6 at 8:09 AM on December 4, 2000

You're right; it's not funny.

But coincidences will happen (my licence to label irony has been revoked):

...the second anniversary of the masturbateing observance by the fisting weblogger community of World HIV/AIDS day.

There's a sort of sick, twisted appropriateness to that.
posted by baylink at 6:19 PM on December 4, 2000

I miss the backwards script. Anyone remember that? Does it still exist anywhere?
posted by rodii at 8:21 AM on December 5, 2000

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