From 'Anchors Away' to 'Zuzanna's Anal Rampage'
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British Board of Film Classification - the BBFC is a non-governmental industry body responsible in the UK for rating films depending on their content. Their site provides listings of recent film and video classifications (even in RSS format!), along with guidelines for each classification possible. There's also an interactive children's version (with an article on how the last Harry Potter film was rated), and one aimed at students (with case studies regarding 'controversial' films such as A Clockwork Orange and Crash.

And they have their own private cinema...
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I've been in the screening room/cinema - it's wonderful. I sat in the white seat in the middle of the front row. My friend held a private screening of his favourite film, A Matter Of Life And Death, on his birthday last year. There was something significant about the projectionist that day, but I can't remember the specifics - I think he'd been a longtime favourite projectionist of Francis Ford Coppola. How one gets to be someone's favourite projectionist is, um, unclear to me, but that's the story as I vaguely remember it.
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As to Tom Hanks: Contains mild peril
"Can't I have a little bit of peril?"
"No, it's too perilous."
"Bet you're gay."
"No, I'm not."
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Random factoid: The previous head of the BBFC, Andreas Whittam-Smith (or something like that) used to go to my old school. Always worth a mention whenever his signature appeared before a film.

It's a nice website - I like the trend of more information being available to the public like this, especially in accessible formats.
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mild peril

Or, if you believe visMovies, "mild perl"
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Whoever signs those certificates now has a really, really crap looking teenage signature. It's as if they have some 13yr old Doogie Howser maverick guy approving these things. I notice it before every film.
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Excellent post.
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Indeed, great post.
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