I wonder what the criteria are for screening clients for this type of data?
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I wonder what the criteria are for screening clients for this type of data? "The Ikonos high-resolution satellite technology is ideally suited to meet the current and future high-resolution needs of the Turkish Government," said Ed Irvin, director of commercial remote sensing programs for Lockheed Martin.
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Satellites like Ikonos are the proverbial two-edged sword for the intelligence community. They can provide remote sensing information to governments that don't have their own spy satellites, which may or may not be a good thing. On the other hand, since the information they collect is available to the public, we're now able to see things the public never had access to before.
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Don't forget, rush, that Turkey may be a largely Muslim nation, but it has a secular democracy and is a member of NATO and thus a friendly ally.

One of the issues in the whole China-missiletech brouhaha was that the Clinton administration was attempting to deal with the fact that this technology is available from non-Western sources. The goal was to move satellite licensing under the Commerce Department, but it became a cause celebre and remains under the purview of State.
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