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Dengue in Texas. If it ain't the flu, it's the haemorrhagic fever. Disease info from WHO, CDC, Wikipedia.
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It's bad
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"Previous outbreaks of the dengue fever have occurred sporadically in Texas throughout the last century.

In 1922, a half million Texans had dengue fever, said acting state epidemiologist Tom Betz. In 1999, 63 Texans had dengue fever." ( from the linked article )
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Well shit, good things us Texans don't panic or over-react to news like this.

(fondly remembers entire city of Austin rioting in grocery stores and gas stations for all supplies of bread, milk and water during our panic-envy fear of Hurricane Rita - we wanted to be an at-risk coastal city, we really did - we love worrying!)
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If "Dengue in Texas" ain't the best titleI've heard for a down home blues tune...
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Damn... they stole the plotline for an upcoming episode of House M.D.
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When I was a kid my parents caught dengue fever after returning to Florida from Atlanta, where they had been visiting my aunt.

My mother was admitted to the hospital after she started feeling not so great, and my father started getting symptoms the next day. My mother says it was the most painful experience of her life, and she was sure that whe was going to die.

While they were in quarantine, one of the doctors mentioned that another case had been reported. They asked who it was and he told them that they wouldn't know her - she was in Atlanta. Turns out it was my aunt. All three were fine.

Apparently they were the only three in the outbreak. No one knows why it turned up in Atlanta at that time.
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Well, Dysentery kills way more people globally per year than Dengue.

I've had Dysentery ( or, it had me ).

So there.
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Malaysia gets outbreaks of dengue every so often - my teacher was afflicted by it once (She's fine thankfully).

Every year or so there will be campaigns to clear out anything holding water because the dengue mosquitos thrive in stagnant water. It's become a WHO campaign now.

Hope everyone is OK.
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