it's frighteningly boooooootiful
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Gallery of funeral art. On this halloween weekend, a brief collection of photographs of tombstone carvings & other cemetary decorations.
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My favourite.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 11:48 PM on October 29, 2005

This has got to be mine.
posted by Turtles all the way down at 2:00 AM on October 30, 2005

And my own favorite.
posted by jonson at 8:06 AM on October 30, 2005

For the folkloristically inclined, you might like to know that the study of Gravestone Iconography is a subfield of both folklore and art history. The idea is that by studying the monuments and symbology of a people, we can gain clues about their understanding of death and the afterlife, and thus learn a bit about the philosophies that influenced their daily lives.
posted by Miko at 8:22 AM on October 30, 2005

Some of these are just haunting. Some of the work is gorgeously creepy. Great link, thanks.
posted by biscotti at 8:24 AM on October 30, 2005

Thanks for this, jonson.
posted by interrobang at 6:25 PM on October 31, 2005

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