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500 panoramic views of parks in 'quality' order. [QTVR] Here are the full screen VRs. All by Erik Goetze.
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Am I the only one who did a double-take upon seeing the photographer's name?
posted by clevershark at 8:37 PM on October 31, 2005

No. but the images are worthwhile.
posted by hortense at 8:46 PM on October 31, 2005

My reaction to #1 was a little more on the meh side than I expected.
Rocky landscapes were so done by Dr Who.

#3, though, was definitely oooooh material.
posted by dhartung at 8:48 PM on October 31, 2005

posted by tomplus2 at 8:53 PM on October 31, 2005

I'll be sure to visit when I next sit at a PC that can handle QTVRs... freeBSD's a bit limited in that respect.
posted by clevershark at 8:56 PM on October 31, 2005

umm, holy crap. and yeah, #3 is indeed awesomer than #1.
posted by pkingdesign at 10:07 PM on October 31, 2005

very nice.
posted by spix at 10:11 PM on October 31, 2005

Why can't this be my job?
posted by fungible at 6:09 AM on November 1, 2005

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