The people in my neighborhood
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These are the people in my neighborhood. Oh they treat me good, since I left Hollywood. Come meet the people in my neighborhood. They're conservatives that I call for anything at all. [brought to you by the letter M]
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It was all worthwhile for the very tail end of it.

A juvenile laugh at best though, it doesn't really give me much faith in this other guy. Does a nice job of illustrating that no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, the guys in power figure Sesame Street is about as intellectual as the average person can understand.
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i closed the window when he started slipping into a russian accent.
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This is the sort of shit which if made into a FPP by me would be first flamed and then removed.
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that is why caddis is caddis and you are you. he has more vowels.
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It was so lame that it was awesome! Cheney-Monster ate the constitution! Hooray!!!!!

I hate Arnold now, by the way. He is killing my state even worse than the last guy.

But yea, when Metafilter projects gets underway, I can imagine we will see much better material than this. Waiting. For. It.
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Quibbles! (Oh, I have them)

1) The "Ar. Nold. ARNOLD" thing was from the Electric Company, it wasn't a Sesame Street thing.

2) The rythmn of the lyrics were SO off.

I guess that's all.
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Hm. I never laugh and somehow I snickered: chalk it up to plymouth gin, weariness of the west coast, a weakness for people heads on muppets, jean shorts, and my pet monkey beating the holy hell out of my cat.
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I'm pretty opposed to most things the Governator does, but yeah, this was weak. For one thing, Schwarzenegger, for all his business-friendly, labor-bashing hijinks, doesn't have all that much in common with the social conservatives who rule the roost in Washington nowadays, so lumping him in with current administration figures seems disingenuous at best.
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The trouble is that Schwarzie's supporters will probably think it is cute and tell all their friends about it,
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I enjoyed it.
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I enjoyed not watching it.
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It's ham-fisted stuff like that that keeps the democrats out of office. Politics stopped being about what someone will do for you. It's become about what a shit-head the other guy is.
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