Emergency State
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Don't forget NYC's $8million full scale subway station simulator.
posted by furtive at 5:00 PM on November 6, 2005

And courtesy of my girlfriend who works over at the FDNY, The Rock.
posted by Captaintripps at 6:25 PM on November 6, 2005

Goodbye, nativity scene... Hello mock hazardous material spill!
posted by 27 at 6:58 PM on November 6, 2005

I'm rather disturbed by the simplicity of the LA Sheriff's training center. As well as the culture revealed by "The Shootist" bar, and the sentence fragment "The purpose of shooting is to hit" as seen on the California Specialized Training Institute firing range wall.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail, etc.

I have had guns pointed at me for disturbingly long periods of time during routine traffic stops by both LAPD and the LA Sheriff's department - even after fully complying and being otherwise friendly, helpful, and cordial.

Even after politely requesting that they stop pointing deadly weapons at me.

And no, I and my friends don't look like criminals, scumbags or drug users. We were always polite, cautious and calm, keeping our hands in view, complying with the officers, not making any sudden movements or otherwise giving them any reason to escalate to that stage of confrontation.
posted by loquacious at 7:23 PM on November 6, 2005

I am so going to build my house like that. Err... no.
posted by malusmoriendumest at 4:19 AM on November 7, 2005

"...where live weapons or small dye-filled simunition"

Or, as normal people would call it... "paintball."

Actually, no. Simunition and paintball are actually quite different. Simunition is basically a bullet except that the lethal projectile is replaced with a non-lethal paint round. The cartridges come in .38 and 9mm calibres that are actually fired out of most real weapons. The 5.56mm round (used in the M16 and M4) exists as a simunition but is only available to the military. The effect is a more accurate simulation of combat.
posted by C17H19NO3 at 7:06 AM on November 7, 2005

Let's try this in the right thread this time:

The OC's tactical training center has a Carl's Jr. restaurant, complete with manager's office. I would assume the most common drill for this location would be an attack leading to bad guys attempting to break the manager's safe. With that in mind, let's just say I was a little surprised that dark irony was not lost on the trainers.
posted by Pollomacho at 7:12 AM on November 7, 2005

I'll bet simunition hurts like a bastard on impact.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:28 AM on November 7, 2005

It doesn't hurt too bad, actually. Just a little bit more than a paintball does. It does leave a nice bruise, however.
posted by C17H19NO3 at 11:41 AM on November 7, 2005

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