Long Live Rock (Opera)!
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Burnt Church, the Opera - When I was a kid some of my greatest literary influences were "Quadrophenia", "The Wall", "Tommy", and "Jesus Christ Superstar". And did I mention "Quadrophenia"? Jeff Parker and Paul Roessler have put online their entire Floyd-esque concept album "Burnt Church" (complete with groovy Flash bits) and they are encouraging people to download for free. Check it!
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This is not the Chicago guitarist Jeff Parker.
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Paul Roessler was in the Screamers (who were the best of the LA punk bands in the 1977-1980) era, and later on with 45 Grave, Twisted Roots, Nina Hagen Mike Watt, etc.
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PS: looks like you can listen to excerpts of the songs in the "gallery" section...along with flash/photoshop illustrations for each.

There's also a screenplay (?)

Kind of an on-line multimedia extravaganza.

Oh, and that is indeed the same Paul Roessler of Screamers/Nina Hagen fame
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track 01's missing ... this is interesting ...
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Track 1 is guessable. Hope this works:
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