Eight Sword Myths
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Eight Sword Myths by Glenn Pettit is a relaxing unobtrustive and straight-forward read for those who like to collect, brandish, or just stare in awe at c-c-c-cutlery. And who doesn't? This document dispells certain modern misunderstandings but also tips a hat to timeless legend itself.
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Well, I guess I know what I'm going to be obsessively thinking about as I watch the new Dungeons and Dragons movie.
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Tolkien invented for his books a metal vastly superior to steel, mithril, which only certain elves (or was it dwarves?) could even refine and work, which was lighter and far stronger. Armor made of it was near invulnerable, blades made of it never lost their edge. Anything made of it was fantastically valuable because of the rarity.

It's always seemed to me that what he was describing was a close match to titanium.

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