Remembering Louise Bryant
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She interviewed Mussolini. She wrote plays for Eugene O'Neill's Provincetown Players. She got letters from Trotsky. Freud and Helen Keller were in her address book. She married journalist John Reed, and Diane Keaton played her in Reds. And she was nearly forgotten. Now, Louise Bryant is remembered. More here and much more here.
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Great post, I loved Reds and never really found out more about Bryant other than reading Six Red Months. Thanks for this.
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well, she's no Eliza. kidding, kidding!

This is cool stuff. Thank you!
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awesome, thanks comrade.

*raises left fist*
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Woo, my great-grandmother's cousin is FPP-worthy!

It's a point of pride in my family -- or at least, to my mother, it is; my grandmother and her mother hated the associations with the communists -- to be related to Louise Bryant. I'm very pleased to find her here.

Another wonderful book is Queen of Bohemia, by Mary Dearborn, all about Louise.
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