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Fallen Art (16mb avi) is the second movie directed by Tomek Baginski, following his Oscar nominated "The Cathedral..." This short animated movie has been made by a group of people for whom the army has always been an unfulfilled dream. (more info)
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I saw this at The Animation Show this year, and saw a preview for it on the first Animation Show DVD. Its metaness is well suited here.
posted by sciurus at 1:35 PM on November 10, 2005

I think we finally know what's going on in those secret CIA prisons in Poland.
posted by crunchland at 1:43 PM on November 10, 2005

Yeah, all the Poles I know have gallows humor pretty much like that.
posted by sciurus at 1:50 PM on November 10, 2005


I laughed
posted by cyphill at 2:05 PM on November 10, 2005

The music reminds me of the music in Underground. Is there a name for that musical style/genre?
posted by kickingtheground at 2:48 PM on November 10, 2005

According to the credits, the tune is called "Asfalt Tango," by a group called Fanfare Ciocarlia on their album Baro Biao, and according to this site (which has a playable audio clip), it's categorized as "balkan/gypsy/moldavian tradi-modern, brass, wedding" music. If you ask me, though, it sounds a lot like klezmer.
posted by crunchland at 3:12 PM on November 10, 2005

Its metaness is well suited here.

Or not.
posted by crunchland at 8:10 PM on November 10, 2005

This was one of my least favorites of that year's mostly underwhelming Animation Show. The first year's Show was amazing - the animations were a good mix of funny, quirky and engrossing, Judge co-hosted and Hertzfeldt seemed more into it. Nice guys, both of them, but it just seemed like the 2nd year was lacking something the 1st had.
posted by blendor at 11:42 PM on November 10, 2005

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