What a delicious fedora
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What a delicious fedora you're wearing! I guess I'm adding to my growing body of stupid, inconsequential links, but hey, everyone needs a niche.
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Whoa, I posted that on my weblog recently (Friday). Also check out Meathelmet.com for more on the subject. Very wierd.
posted by tallman at 1:31 PM on December 6, 2000

remember rubberburner.com? viral marketing seems to be all the rage these days.

this site was actually built for an upcoming tv comedy show called "Dotcomedy" (a spin-off of the british one i believe). it airs this friday, december 8th, on ABC.

how do i know? i'm almost embarassed to admit this, but a friend and i constructed a Bacon Beanie and submitted some photos to the hatsofmeat site, thinking it would be funny if they posted our pics. i got an email back from the producers - they loved the pics and wanted to use them in the show.

it was a little odd to discover the site was nothing more than a sneaky way to solicit material, but hey - my friend gets his fifteen minutes of fame! i'm just glad it's not my mug in the pictures.
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Perfect for the man with a rutabaga for a nose. Or something.
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