Think you should be King or Queen of England?
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Think you should be King or Queen of England? Apply here.
posted by trox (8 comments total)
I would be great if Britain could abolish the monarchy and become a republic. Australia had the opportunity and blew it.
posted by lagado at 7:26 PM on December 6, 2000

I meant to write: "It would be great".
posted by lagado at 7:27 PM on December 6, 2000

Don't I have to pull a sword from a stone or something?
posted by Steven Den Beste at 8:45 PM on December 6, 2000

Actually, it helps if you've been chosen by God.
posted by leo at 9:36 PM on December 6, 2000

"Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony ..."
posted by dhartung at 11:34 PM on December 6, 2000

Personally, I think it's high time that England abandoned its archaic monarchy and joined the modern world by becoming a dictatorial theocracy.
posted by solistrato at 7:13 AM on December 7, 2000

I heard the NPR story on this lawsuit last night and was struck by a comment made by the Guardian reporter that it's a shame that the head of the UK is still determined by "genetic lottery." Not that different from the whole trust fund discussion going on, if you ask me. I guess the difference is at least we vote for our priveleged sons of the genetic lottery.
posted by norm at 8:23 AM on December 7, 2000

I can cope with a monarchy (mainly because the Windsors are a fairly tolerable bunch for HeadOfStating, rather than some career politico) but as a papist, I'd be glad to see the Act of Settlement flushed down the toilet of history. It's the legal petrification of a nasty little coup d'etat which put an imported Dutchman on the throne in place of the rightful monarch. (Jacobite, moi?)
posted by holgate at 8:39 AM on December 7, 2000

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