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From 1964 to 1992, Texaco (.mov, 20.6MB) drilled for oil in the northern region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, known as the "Oriente". The company left 627 open toxic waste pits and other facilities which continue to leak highly toxic waste, affecting more than 30,000 local people. A higher incidence of birth defects, cancer, miscarriages, skin diseases, and death continues to plague people whose only source of water is a contaminated river. ChevronTexaco refuses to remediate the damage, claiming that they already "cleaned up" their share of the contract, by shoveling 3 feet of dirt over some of the open oil pits.
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So what's the "subliminal" superimposing of the ChevronTexaco log on the fire at the end of the movie...It's just a split second, with the logo flashing vertically on the fire.
posted by duck at 1:23 PM on November 12, 2005

Clearly these are just the kind of people that should be trusted to handle drilling in ANWR!
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And I thought Texaco's dropping sponsorship of radio broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera was bad.
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more reason to avoid using my car.
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I suppose it would be too crazy to add real cleanup provisions into any oil contracts on ANWR, wouldn't it.
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John Perkins talks about the rape of Ecuador's natural resources by multinational corporations (such as Shell) in his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
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Balisong writes "I suppose it would be too crazy to add real cleanup provisions into any oil contracts on ANWR, wouldn't it."

I think the point is that no matter what the provisions are they wouldn't abide by them.
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Bush lost millions for investors in his startup awl bidness ventures in the Ree-Public o' Texas. Maybe they won't find any oil to spill up there.
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California has had a big impact on Ecuador: State of Denial: Tropics suffer to satisfy state's oil demand.
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Good timing.

Jump a continent to your right, please, let's talk about Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Author, Writer, Activist, and hanged man.

A huge talent, an author, an actor, an Ogoni tribesman, a Nigerian star, and someone who advocated against what Royal Dutch Shell had done to the Nigerian Delta. A number of their scarred, abandoned sites, or pits, would spontaneously ignite, or leech into the river.

He was first an Ogoni. And probably because his father was also a tribal leader, he did follow (read any number of accounts on the web).

And 10 years and two days ago, he and eight other Ogonis were hanged.
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Here, here, here.
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And underscores for dashes, sorry Here
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And wikipedia is dumber than dirt, if you lower-case Saro or Wiwa it fails. I've got better things to do, heere.
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Maybe ChevronTexaco can't afford to clean it up.
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Oil companies can't afford the luxury of doing the right thing environmentally or otherwise.
They are just barely eking out a profit these days.
God's gonna destroy everything soon anyway (so saith LaHaye) so why care?
Jeez, you bunch of whiny tree hugging lieberals
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