Zdzislaw Beksinski
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Zdzislaw Beksinski (warning: music) produced some hauntingly beautiful, disturbing works of art: many, many paintings, as well as photographs, drawings, and digital creations. Sadly, he was killed earlier this year.
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Previously mentioned, but I thought if BeeDogs Redux was acceptable, this might be too.

There is some overlap between the artwork featured on the official site and the other sites, but the guy was incredibly prolific; you'll see things on one site you that didn't see on another.

Also, the ethereal music on the official site is by Zbigniew Preisner, which I'm finding very nice to fall asleep to.
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I didn't check for overlap, but here are two more galleries. I was looking for one in particular which seems to have vanished.

I have the "Fantastic Art of Beksinski" book and it's amazing to see outside of the monitor.
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Ooooooo, that is goin' on my wishlist. Too bad it's not very big.

This stuff is like the unholy love child of Magritte and Giger, conceived while they were listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall.
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Awesome stuff here. And a good flash interface, too.
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Zdzislaw Beksinski (warning: music) produced some hauntingly beautiful, disturbing works of art

not to mention all of my desktop wallpaper for the past few years. It's upsetting to me how much hype Giger gets while Beksinski remains in obscurity. This, this, and this in particular are favorites.

Unfortunately I've managed to spend hours of time fruitlessly hunting for a website where I can buy reprints/posters/basically anything I can hang on the wall by Beksinski. Nada.
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like this, Ryvar? (the link to it on the site's main page is faulty)
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I also found this page by digging around on the Belvedere Gallery's site, Ryvar. Might be worth giving them a call, just to see if they have any left.
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Thanks, both of you. I'd seen NorthernSky's link, but I should've specified it was really the colored paintings I was after, 'basically anything' was an overstatement. Gator's link is dead on the money.
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Glad you found what you're looking for, Ryvar. And thanks Gator for the links, I've never seen this artist before and am falling in deep Like with his work.
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He himself shunned art, almost never visiting museums or exhibitions.

quite right.
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Cool, Ryvar. Let us know if it bears fruit.
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