Sonic Youth
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Sonic Youth. Mentioned as far back as Bible when the walls of Jericho are brought down by trumpets, sonic weapons have often been the stuff of legend. Now a UK company is selling a sonic device targeted specifically against gangs of youths.
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It's actually just an amplifier linked to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" - it bawls out "Yes you! Stand still laddie!" in a broad Scots accent...
posted by Chunder at 7:57 AM on November 14, 2005

Many older customers cannot hear it - but teenagers, who previously congregated in the evenings - have complained to Mr Gough about the noise.

One of the shopping centers near my home manages to achieve a similar result -- discouraging youths from loitering in front of its stores -- by broadcasting Musak versions of awful 70s easy listening tunes ("baby, i'm a want you") over the PA system.

Reminds me of the old joke: "The American space program spend $20MM researching and developing a writing implement that would work in low pressure, zero gravity environments. The Soviets used a pencil."
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I'd rather have one of these...
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Chunder: "It's actually just an amplifier linked to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" - it bawls out "Yes you! Stand still laddie!" in a broad Scots accent..."

Well, that's a totally different story. Does Amazon carry them? Do they vibrate?

I had to read the FPP twice before I realized the poster wasn't suggesting that Sonic Youth was in the bible.
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Complex High
Frequency Sound To Chase Away Those Annoying Teenagers!!!

..and keep your shop noticeably uncontaminated with customers, too?
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One more post about sound and somebody can go and snark about "SoundFilter."
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I thought the accepted way to drive away annoying teenagers was to play classical music at them.
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Or what psmealey said.
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Ha, that pic of Beethoven in chrismear's article makes him look like a real curmudgeon - "Away with you, yobs! I'm composing!"
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If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding.
How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat?

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When old people attack!
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Awesome! Why address the social, economic and cultural problems that cause people to riot when you can just attack the people! It's brilliant!
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The Country Club Plaza, the distinction of being the oldest suburban mall in the US, has a great parking lot system that integrates itself into the architecture. A while back they had a problem with kids not having anything to do after 9PM as the bars stayed open in the Plaza and nearby Westport. They'd hang around be-bopping and such in the parking garages. So they start pumping out Sinatra at night. It worked well until the kids just broke the speaker system. That cage looks full-proof but you'd be amazed at the ingenuity of bored youth.
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It emits a piercing, high frequency sound that is audible only, in 90 per cent of cases, to people under the age of 20.

New rite of passage for loitering gang youths: be there when the sound cuts off on your 20th birthday.
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Did Jim O'Rourke produce?
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I had a physics teacher who did that during class to get us to settle down. Not everyone in the class could hear it. I blame headphones.
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Mr Gough says gangs of around half a dozen up to 30 people have been hanging around the shop.

"They usually move on if I ask them but the problem has always existed," said Mr Gough, who has run the shop for 15 years. "

So what was the "problem" again?
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