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Angkor Wat guide. "Published in 1944 in Saigon, republished in 1948 and again in Paris in 1963, The Monuments of the Angkor Group by Maurice Glaize remains the most comprehensive of the guidebooks and the most easily accessible to a wide public, dedicated to one of the most fabled architectural ensembles in the world." Now online, updated, with maps and photos. (More Angkor Wat links in this previous post.) Via Plep.
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Thanks for this. I'm going next month.
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I went in 2003. Wow. If anyone wants to see them, I have a bunch of photos from my trip on Flickr (I'm goatdog over there too).
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I spent three days in Angor Wat after the tsunami, and it was a mindblowing experience. Trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much for posting this.
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Another vote on mindblowingly fantastic place. I never thought anything would top the Taj. I'll never forget just standing at one of the corners of Angkor Wat proper for about 30 minutes with my mouth hanging open. Completely blew me away. And that was just the physical artwork. All the stories behind the depicted Hindu figures and the history of the Angkor area.........incredible.
Thanks languagehat and plep.
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Angkor Wat stands out as the most fascinating ruins I've ever seen in my life, and one of my most enjoyable experiences.
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Angkor is on my very short list of Places to Go. I've seen almost everything in this world that I would like to see, but I haven't been to this place yet. The pictures and my expectations of it haunt me. I am jealous of those of you have been.

Thanks for the good post languagehat and plep. Do you all want to split the cost of the airfare that I now have to buy?
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We went to Angkor Wat on our honeymoon, and it was simply amazing. Thanks for this- great site, and it brings back excellent memories. It's really interesting to see old photos.

Photos from our trip are here. If you go to Angkor Wat, take your malaria pills! We learned the hard way that the little buggers are becoming resistant to the dreaded Mefliquone.
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Excellent, many thanks!
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Lovely link, languagehat. I wish I had seen it before I went to Siem Reap this summer, it would have been a great aid. Either way though, it certainly left an unforgettable impression on me.

On a side note... the "big things in Canada" link on PLEP was fun to browse too.
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Excellent link. Time to plan a trip!
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Went there in 2002. Spent 3 days and still didn't see everything. Amazing, amazing place. Oh, I've got some pics of the place on Flickr, too. Name's zardoz1.
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I miss plep.

*throws tomato at wall*
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