Acoustic Ecology and Soundscapes
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Ever just stopped and listened? Acoustic Ecology encourages us to be aware of the sound environment around us, and to take responsibility for it.

The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, as well as publishing a beautiful journal called Soundscape, is a starting point for finding many sound resources. Listen to soundscapes from Denmark and California, and field recordings from Vietnam and Vancouver. Take an audiovisual tour of NYC or Portland, Oregon. Experience cicadas, birds, frogs and other animals. Take a soundwalk through the park. Create your own international sound journey. You can even hear sounds from underwater or from the Northern Lights in the sky. And when you're done, learn how to make your own recordings.
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If people would stop honking their damn car horns over every trivial frustration, it would be greatly appreciated as an improvement to the acoustic ecology.
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Odd coincidence. I maintain a community called soundscapes over on LiveJournal. Here are a few of my favorite soundscape-friendly things:

Japanese Train Tones
Resonance FM
Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Soundscape FM
Sounds of New York
A Walk Across California
Sounds Wild! Alaska

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The link to The Netherlands, gives Danish soundscapes. I think the link should be to Denmark.
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kudzu, you're absolutely right. A momentary lapse of brain.
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Nice links, insomnia_lj, thanks. Particularly the Japanese train tones -- brought back vivid memories of chuckling at them during a stay in Tokyo.
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Back in the '70s, there was a series of recordings available called "Environments." They featured high-quality natural soundscapes like some of these. My favorite was a forest during a summer shower. Quite amazing under headphones.
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Woo, a third sound post! Now I can say it:
Ha ha ha, I'm such a card.
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Though seriously, that was a sound post! Very interestin'.
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Many of the sound projects byMax Neuhaus explore the relationship between people and environmental sounds.
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I make my own sounds in my environment. Often quite accidentally.
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I hope you take repsonsibility for them.
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Cool! Just an fyi on a personal rant, ECOLOGY IS NOT ENVIRONMENTALISM! OK /rant. Please, remember this rant whenever someone starts throwing the word "ecology" around wily nily.

This link, however, really gets into acoustic ecology, which is awesome! Anyone have a good sound file of lobsters that sound like violins?
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Wow. Thanks.
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Curse you chrismear! I just this minute finished writing up a post on Sound Transit. It's a fascinating site.

Great minds and all that. (Mine wasn't as good, though. That's a self link, obviously.)
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