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The Ames Fan Club documents the life of each of the deceased department stores following the dissolution of their corporate souls. From Gallipolis to West Hartford, the shells of Ames have been photographed and critiqued. Some have lain dormant, logos still peeking out from between overturned racks and offline registers. Some have found new lives, though while the buildings remain, the smell of "bargains by the bagful" will never return. If only we could all age as gracefully as the Agawam Ames.
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Don't forget about all the empty distribution centers - I worked as a systems engineer at the one in Columbus. It closed in March of 2002, and the building is still empty.
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Mt. Vernon Ohio in the house!
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Aha, never mind, they do list them. Good old 2967 on Janitrol Road.
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Are you from MV too? I never thought I'd see the above phrase, ha ha.
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Canadian Woodward's fans feel your pain.
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I used to live on that hill 15 minutes to the east.
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Bardic, I feel your pain too. If it makes you feel any better, Coshocton Road has become an even greater pit of depravity (strip malls) than it was before. I know this because I suck it up and visit my poor parents occasionally.
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P.S. I still think that Kenyon should do what they've always printed on their t-shirts, and annex the whole damn town. Greater Gambier!
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To actually get back to the thread at hand - I have never been so turned off by American consumerism as I was while working at Ames. The piles of shit that poured into the place from China and elsewhere was unbelievable, and it was all stuff that was designed not to last.
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*Kenyonfilter: The school has purchased a lot of land west of the hill, or so I've heard. It would be nice if the Mt. Vernon DT square could come back to life--but I haven't been back for a few years.
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It's funny that the Hartford store is in the Caldor plaza.
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Was there something special about Ames (as opposed to any other big-box discount retailer) that merited a cult following? The only one I ever visited was decidedly unimpressive, and I wasn't the least bit surprised when it closed.
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Kind of a western Massachusetts/central Connecticut theme to the links in the FPP... I live about 15 minutes from that Agawam shop, and remember shopping there as a wee lad. If memory serves, it wasn't in much better repair ten years ago. There was always a really creepy, despondent feel to that one store, like everyone working there had examined their options, abandoned all hope, and resigned themselves to working in their own personal visions of hell.
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I am mystified as to how Ames could have a fan club. Those stores were total crap -- and I say that as someone whose working-class cred includes a childhood spent racing for the Blue Light Special. And Ames were too downmarket for even me.
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Western Infidels:

...everyone working there had examined their options, abandoned all hope, and resigned themselves to working in their own personal visions of hell.

They made you feel dead inside.
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There's a cool bmx trail behind this Ames in Virginia Beach. Right next to that water tower.
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maybe tag this with the state(s)/region(s)? I've never heard of this fuckin' store...

"In my youth..." lamentation is cool though... and by cool I mean self stimulating... and by self stimulating I mean red palmed and rug burned...
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This reminds me of Dead Malls. Some good reading.
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How weird to click on the link and see the BigLots/Grossmans plaza that's right down the street from me on the first page!

Ames was even crappier than Caldor, and that's saying something.
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If this store was so great, why is it out of business? And if Wal-Mart sucks so much, why are they doing so well? I'm not even going to address the dementia involved in operating a fan-site dedicated to a retail chain...oops! I guess I just did!
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Wow. I just learned about a little park behind the former Ames in Waltham, MA. Thank you MetaFilter!
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Yeah, Ames wasn't a very good store at all—I remember mostly going there to accumulate (back-to-)school supplies, and then only because my grandmother lived about three minutes away. Off-brand candy and "THE NICE PRICE" CDs abounded. They also always seemed to have a lot of weird board games, although I may be thinking of Service Merchandise. Anyway, our Ames-shell is still empty. Also: kind of spooky.

</STORE 2163>
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Whoa. Ames. Or as people called it in rural Delaware, "Ames's." Probably mixed it up with the similarly dreadful "Roses."

I remember enjoying the toys aisles as a kid. That's about it. Oh and the only appropriate comeback to "You buy your shoes at Roses" was, "Well you buy your shoes at Ames's."

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Forget Ames! What about Zayre?
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Wow. Gallipolis. I grew up there. I think I'm still in recovery. Southeastern Ohioians take heart though, you've still got Wal-Mart and K-Mart for your Saturday night entertainment options.
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Forget Ames! What about Zayre?

Thank you, May, for remembering the truly important things in life.
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