December 7, 2000
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Hey gamers! Do you still harbor a fondness for the '80s cult classic Discs of Tron, but you're unwilling to give up your favorite first-person shooter? Welcome to Discs of Quake.
posted by jjg (3 comments total)
Ugh, Discs of Tron is a game you don't want to lug around. It splits in half but it's still a pain. At one auction it went for only $150.
posted by gluechunk at 3:39 PM on December 7, 2000

i actually have an emulator to play Discs of Tron on my pc. Love that game. Thanks for the link.
posted by th3ph17 at 4:32 PM on December 7, 2000

Darn. If there were a version of this for Q3 then I might be tempted.
posted by davidgentle at 5:26 PM on December 7, 2000

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