The Fenian Raids
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During the middle of the 19th Century, a series of factors combined to create a new Irish patriotic movement. This organization was a revolutionary group dedicated to the overthrow of British rule in Ireland. It had its roots in both the United States and Ireland and was popularly known as The Fenian Movement, in honour of the Fianna, the ancient Irish warriors.
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I recently learned that my great-grandfather, and his father, were members of the RIC, the Royal Irish Constabulary. Needless to say, this family secret was quite surprising. Doubtless they cracked a few Fenian heads in their day.
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Makes me want to wear my Unrepentant Fenian Bastard t-shirt. Nice post.
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Good post, growing up in Ireland, we learned almost nothing of the Fenian movement in the USA. I come here to be educated!
I found the explanations in fascinating, e.g.
"The famine of the 1840s brought to a crisis Irish discontent with English rule," Discontent. Hmm. Although my generation was one of the first to receive history lessons that were not 100% propaganda, it still feels strange to use a word like "discontent" to describe the immediate aftermath of the famine.
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Makes me want to wear my "No Faith, No Flag, No Fool" T- shirt.
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Is this being posted because Rangers lost yesterday?
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i, not so recently, learned that my great grandfather was a fairly high ranking member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and was interned in an army camp 300ish miles from where he was caught.

He was going to be shot but then the 1921 Treaty was signed and he was spared.

By chance, I grew up within 10 miles of the camp he was interned in, Abercorn barracks at Ballykinlar, Co. Down.
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Is this being posted because Rangers lost yesterday?

Don't be silly. Rangers lose most days.
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